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20 August 2013

Royal wedding in Istanbul

HRH Prince Leka II and Mrs Elia Zaharia invited at the wedding of HRH Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt with HRH Princess Noal Zaher of Afghanistan

HRH prince Leka II of the Albanians and Mrs Elia Zaharia, HRH’s fiancee, will attend the wedding of HRH Prince Muhammad Ali of Egypt, son of King Fouad II of Egypt with HRH Princess Noal Zaher, granddaughter of King Zaher Shah of Afghanistan.

The joyful event will take place at the Palace of Çirağan in Istanbul, on 30 August, in the presence of both Egyptian and Afghan Royal Families. Several other royal families from Europe and Middle-East as well will be represented.

Further to the fact that the dynasty of Mehmet-Ali who ruled Egypt for over a century is considered to have albanian roots, the presence of the head of the Albanian Royal Family shall celebrate the very closed friendship between the two royal families, especially during King Zog I and Queen Geraldine’s exile. The royal couple, Crown Prince Leka and the whole royal household were generously hosted by HM King Farouk I in his beloved country from 1946 until to the fall of the egyptian monarchy.

HM Queen Farida, King Farouk I’s first spouse and HRH Princess Fadia of Egypt attended King Leka I and Queen Susan’s wedding in Madrid in October 1975.

King Fouad I and King Farouk I, respectively great grandfather and grandfather of HRH Prince Muhammad-Ali, were both holders of the highest ranks of the royal albanian orders, the Grand Collar of Honour of Albania and the grand-sash with star of the Bessa Order as well.