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09 June 2015

Visit to Kumanova

After military action against innocent civilians, the Royal family visit the families in Kumanova and express their concern

The Albanian Royal Family visits the suburb of “Trimave” in the city of Kumanove. The main purpose of the visit was to gain information from the local community, and build public awareness about the tragic happenings in Kumanove.

Prince Leka called for transparency and an international inquiry to discover all facts related to the criminal actions against innocent civilians and their homes. He also called for collective calm and at all cost to avoid any provocations. In His Highnesses speech he re- identified the importance of the Albanian people as a factor of stability in the region. The lack of implementation of the Ohri agreement can only stimulate further chaos and further tensions in Macedonia, which could be misused by anti-Albanian elements.

During the tour the Royal couple visited families and victims of the embattled area. The Crown Prince then visited the relatives of Ismet Jashari and payed his respects at the statue of the commandant of Kumanove.