Opening Speech of the inauguration of the reconstruction of the Gjalish school, Mat, Albania.

Dear Students, parents and teachers

It is with great pleasure that I join you today for the inauguration of the full reconstruction of the Gjalisht School. This gift comes as a beginning of the Queen Gerldine foundation, which is a symbol of love, sacrifice and commitment towards our people. Our Queen loved all the Albanian people, especially those of the Mat, one of which she found her love.
The Albanian Royal family remains active to protect this tradition and through the support of the foundation make possible the realization of our dreams in making this region once again prosperous.


This is the first step of the Queen Gerldine foundation of which I am privileged to lead, and it isn’t by coincidence that this step is made in the field of education helping our youngest. We believe fully that you dear kids, whilst learning as much as possible, whilst valuing our nations history, loving books and your teachers, will build a happy future for you and future generations to come.

Beautiful things are realized through good hearted humanitarians. All this reconstruction would not have been possible without the support of the International University of Tirana and Mr. Admir Mulaj, who as soon as he saw the conditions of this school did not hesitate for one second to come to its aid. He merits our acknowledgement and our thanks. I wish you from the heart success and let God bless you.
I would like to hand the floor to Mr. Admir Mulaj, who is now a friend of every family in Gjalisht.

President of the Queen Geraldine foundation
Elia Zaharia