King Leka

N.M.T Leka I

Born on 5thApril 1939 in Tirana, two days before the fascist invasion of Albania.
Died on the 30 of November 2011 in Tirana


His Majesty King Leka of the Albanians

Coronation as King of the Albanians:

The Coronation was held on the 15 April 1961, at the Hotel Bristol in Paris, in the Presence of Royal Albanian Deputies of Parliament and 70 chosen delegates from the Albanian Diaspora. The national Assembly officially called upon according Acts 51 and 55 of the Royal Albanian Constitution declaring His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leka I, King of the Albanians. Then according to Act 56 he gave his oath before the National Assembly and invited dignitaries as the sovereign, Leka I, King of the Albanians.
The Royal Family settled in Egypt, in 1946, Prince Leka begun His studies at the “Victoria College” of Alexandria and latter at the “The British Boys School” where He graduated in 1954. Royal Family transferred to France, in 1955, were Prince Leka was then registered at the famous college of Olon, in Switzerland “Vilare Ailange College” and gained his “A” levels in 1956. In 1956-1958 the Prince continued His studies at “The Royal Military Academy” of Sandhurst, England and graduated as an officer. He later studied Economics and Political Science in France at the University of Sorbonne, where He also attended the intensive course in Oriental languages.
Note: On Leka I 18th Birthday, (5th of April 1957), King Zog personally awarded Prince Leka with the Albanian bandolier, and solemnly announced Prince Leka “inheritor of the Albanian Crown”.

Activities of His Majesty: United States of America 

In 1967 His Majesty visited the United States of America, during the summer and autumn of that same year. Forging relations with all Albanian political factors within the Diaspora. King Leka paid his respects at the memorials of, Monsignor Fan Noli and Faik Konica, on the behalf of the Royal Family, putting an end to communist propaganda claims of lack of unity in the Diaspora. King Leka I, greeted leaders of the “Vatra”, ‘Legality party’ and ‘Balli Kombetar’. The immense success of this visit, and warm welcome insured greater interest of the Albanian Diaspora in the USA for the National Cause. The King had the opportunity and pleasure to meet the Governor of California and the future president of the USA, Ronald Regan. Through the Presidents support The Foreign Commission of the American Congress made possible to compile and approve a Resolution on Albania. This visit lead to a campaign of visits worldwide, most notably Australia in 1969, (with the help of the Australian Prime Minister Menzes).

The Conference of Madrid 

The Conference of Madrid was the First successful action of bringing together the Albanian political and non political communities together under King Zog’s slogan “Nation Above All” against the communist regime, creating a worldwide Albanian front. The conference aimed to find a military-diplomatic-political solution for the end of communism. Bringing together Kosova, Cameria, and other ethnic territories, to which the monarchy was utterly devoted. No negotiations nor combinations offered violating the sovereignty and the independence of Albania would not be accepted. The Convention of Madrid adopted the philosophy of further resistance. King Leka I, insured The act-agreement of the unification and coordination of the diplomatic-political activities of the Albanian Diaspora, through the approval of the Temporary Council, Leading to the creation of the Albanian Liberation Army. In 1981 the Albanian Liberation army weapons where used during the Kosova revolts against Serbian oppression. The Jalte Agreement brought to an end the operations of the ALA against the oppressive communist regime in Tirana.

The Return of the King:

His Majesty King Leka I, in Albania after 58 years in exile, was welcomed home at Tirana Airport, on 12 April 1997 by 10.000 supporters. He greeted the crowds with the phase “Peace-Union and Brotherhood”. His Majesty King Leka I was the only leader free to visit Albanian cities and villages after the pyramid scandals. With meetings of extraordinary participation insured records of the time such as: Burrel 15.000+, Burgajet 12.500+, Shkoder 60.000+, Tirana 20.000 etc. HM King Leka I was forced to leave the country on 12 June 1997.
Albanian Monarchy won the referendum with 65.7% but it was later revoked with an official announcement that the monarchy won only 36.5% and 23% with irregularities. Latter in 2001 the Democratic Party backed a notion of re-installing the monarchy, but it failed to gain the Socialist majority, 11 votes away from the 71 votes needed. It must be noted that the King First visited Albania in 1993, but was only allowed to stay 24 hours.
King Leka returned to Albania, by invitation of the Albanian Parliament in 2002. King Leka at once became involved in the social activities of the Nation and staunchly opposed all acts of corruption and miss governance, in Albania and Kosova. He was a staunch supporter of the Balkan regions integration within the European Union, as a means of regional stability, whilst working vigorously to insure the well being and freedom of the Albanian Nation.


King Leka died on the 30 of November 2011. The Albanian government declared a National day of Morning with all institutional flags lowered. The funeral took place at the Parliamentary building in Tirana and was attended by Albanian and foreign dignitaries. The mayor of Tirana, Mr. Lulzim Basha, held the final speech in front of the gathered crowd in front of the National Parliament building. The serves was as to Albanian Royal tradition blessed by the 4 official religious leaders, (Muslims, Catholic, Bektashi and Albanian Othodox leaders), with full Military.