Albanian Royal Passports

Royal flag

The Albanian Royal passport has been issued by the Royal government since the creation of the Monarchy, during the exile period the Royal passports where the only legal travel documents of the Royal family and Court. The Passports where accepted by all western states, following individual countries visa applications. The Royal passport was noted for its high security standards and its international credibility. It also applies with the Diplomatic status that the Albanian Royal Court received during its long exile by a number of countries, making the Albanian Royal Court the only non state institution legally able to give passports and citizenship.

The Royal family finally accepted Albanian state Diplomatic passports given by a special law implemented in 2003 by the Republic of Albania.

Historically the Albanian Royal passport is seen as a reference of the freedom of movement which existed during the Monarchies period. Notably the Royal passport allowed free movement of Albanian Nationals without visa requirements throughout the world, including the United States of America.

The below text is an example of the moral obligations which all Albanians where abide to follow when traveling abroad, translated from Albanian.

This text is placed on the last page of the Royal passport.1928-2002