Royal Collections

The Royal collection of Adamidi Frasheri

The Royal collection of Adamidi Frasheri was created during the 1880s and 1970, founded by Dr. Gjergj Adamidi Bej Frasheri also known as Dr Gaqi, a diplomat by profession living in Egypt and Switzerland. In 1856-1939 he started collecting different items, including weapons, icons and clothing from the XVIII century. Some of which were inherited from his own family and that of his wife’s, Helena Marko Frasheri. As a member of the Egyptian institution of Cairo he was able to collect Sumerian, Greek and Egyptian statues. 

Royal Foundation's coat of Arms

As an orthodox Christian Dr. Gjergj Adamidi Bej frasheri had a significant interest in religious relics, especially those from the first millennium. The main aim of this collection was the creation of a fund which would illustrate the Albanian history and culture. For this reason we also find sketches and other artefacts that tell the Albanian story throughout history. 

From 1920 to 1930 the collection grew with the continued interest of Dr. Gaqi only son and heir, Paul Adamidi Frasheri (1904-1987). Where he was especially interested in modern art of the time and bought a number of paintings and sketches from artists like that of Picasso, Braque, Fernand Leger, Juan Gris, Gottlieb Reber and Juan Miro etc... collectors and painters alike. 

Paul Adamidi’s partner Peter Zervudacchi of the Greek-Egyptian collection, who shared a large art gallery in Vevey, Switzerland, with Paul Adamidi donated a large part of the Sumerian and Egyptian artefacts to the Ashmolean museum in Oxford. Though in the March of 1971 he sadly auctioned and sold at the Drouot hotel in Paris, much of his modern art. 

As the official Chamberlain of the Albanian Royal family in Spain, Paul Adamidi bej Frasheri, decided that all the collection pieces which represented Albanian culture and his family history would be left in his will and testament in the name of the heir of the Albanian throne, Crown Prince Leka II, as part of a Royal foundation, set up for this purpose under the patronage of HM the Queen Mother, Queen Geraldine. In 1984 Prince Leka was only two years old. Paul Adamidi Bej’s only request was that the collection to be finally returned to Albania and viewed by the Albanian public.

In respect to this request the Albanian Royal court under the guidance of HRH Prince Leka have shown the collection at the Albanian National museum, which was opened by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, H.E Dr. Sali Berisha,on the 83rd anniversary of the creation of the Monarchy. 

The Court has further plans of opening the collection to the public as a testament of the prestige of this collection and the Frasheri family.

Royal Library


The Library has over 14.000 books, which constitute the largest collection of the Family. There are books of the political, scientific, historical character as well as art literature including novels and poetry. The library is dominantly in English, but also contains Albanian, French, Spanish and Italian titles.

The most precious book in the collection is the original manuscript of the remembrances of Colonel Hysen Selmani over the life and the activity of King Zog.

The Royal Arms collection

A private weapon’s collection Extending from the Stone Age era to modern weapons, His Majesties weapons collection is well documented and is rich with numerous weapons, laying testament to the Royal’s movement during the 60 years of exile endured. 

The most valuable parts of the collection includes a pair of Thailand war swords, known as elephant swords, Her Majesty Queen Geraldine’s private pistol which is engraved in gold. The weapons collection confines to the laws and regulations of the Albanian law and the official Royal status.