This is the oldest running Albanian Monarchist web-site, supported by Dr. Patrice Najbor. Interactive in its information the site also publishes media declarations and information to Royalists in all French speaking regions.

This is a unique web-site which shows the Albanian Royal families activities during WWII in the United Kingdom, with yearly cultural events and social activities it is a reliable historical reference run by the Historian Neil Reese.

This is a basic web site that provides Albanian Genealogy and a wider range of information in relation to the founding of the Albanian Monarchy.

The Royal University of Illyria is officially patented by the Royal family, providing the highest standards of University education to Albanian students. Whilst sponsoring educational bursaries and cultural activities jointly with the Albanian Royal Court.

The Legality Party is a Monarchist political party which supports the Royalist movement in all political affairs. Currently the PLL are in the coalition government, holding a number of governmental positions.