Queen Susan

Queen Susan of the Albanians

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Her Majesty Queen Susan of the Albanians, daughter of Alan Robert Cullen-Ward and Phyllis Dorothea Murray Prior.

 Queen Susan was born in Sydney Australian on the 28th January 1941.


Queen Susan's family, the Cullen-Ward's were one of the first families to move into the uninhabited parts of Australia, they chose Queensland and took with them some of the first horses brought over from Ireland. They were regarded as one of the three main land owners of that particular area, which unfortunately was lost due to the first great crash. The family are related to Andrew Barton Paterson who wrote "The Man From Snowy River". Andrew was a first cousin and his family were at the forefront of Australian development with family members holding governmental posts, such as, telecommunication for Western Australia.

Queen Susan was brought up on a ten thousand hectare farm in New South Wales, were she began her education. She initially began at the "Ladies Presbyterian College" in Orange. And ended her studies as Head Prefect of the school. She then began University at the Academy of Arts in Sydney, where she studies art, history and architecture. Queen Susan finally specialized in architecture. Thereafter was then asked to return to her old school as an arts teacher, whilst at the same time heading an interior design company in Sydney. Queen Susan was also extremely interested in Egyptology, later offered a full scholarship to the "Sorbone University" in France, which enabled her to travel throughout Europe where for the first time she met His Majesty King Leka I of the Albanians. The King kindly invited the then Susan Cullen-Ward to Spain, where she studied tourism and later in 1974 became engaged to King Leka I.

Family photo taken in South Africa


 Queen Susan's life in the Royal family was blessed by a perfect role model, that being The Queen Mother, Her Majesty Queen Geraldine. When asked about Queen Geraldine she replied, "a truly unique figure with total love for the Albanian people and truly brave in standing beside King Ahmed Zogu, she gave her son an exemplarily education and is highly respected throughout the world". Queen Susan endeavoured to maintain contact with heads of state and other Royals, giving interviews and travelling to Albanian communities. She also took part in assisting the King with Royal activities both as an advisor and valued partner.

Her strengths showed in 1997 when King Leka returned to Albania and she had to take over all the political activities of the Royal Court outside the country. During the King's absence in Albania, her phone calls gave him love and strength always reminding him "we are with you, we are well, my love to the Albanians". Her messages were from the heart and always with the motto of King Zog, "the nation above all" and to add the vows of Queen Geraldine "duty and love".

The foreign media viewed Queen Susan as an honest and warm person with a smile of a proud lady. In the Spanish magazine "Ola" she stated that her modest life has never vanquished and her sovereign commitment has strengthened her and her pride, enabling her to deal with all situations.


Queen Susan's indeed happiest moment was when her son was born at 13h44 on the 26th March 1982, on Albanian extraditional territory in Johannesburg South Africa. Thus providing continuance for the Royal family.

King Leka & Queen Susan


Queen Susan's pride and joy was her cultural foundation in the United States of America called "The Queen Susan Cultural Foundation" which was designed to assist Albanians medically and educationally. She travelled to countries such as Australia, Canada, Rhodesia, Jordan, France and Belgium visiting hospitals and thereby gaining experience in finding new methods to assist the Albanian people.


 After intensive care at the Royal Residence in Tirana, diagnosed with lung cancer, at 19h10 on the 17th June 2004 her Majesty Queen Susan passed away due to heart failure. Leaders from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia paid their final respects as did thousands of mourners. Queen Susan was then laid to rest beside her beloved Queen Geraldine. For those who knew her will always remember her charm, strength and good spirit and also the love she gained from all those around her. May God Bless Her.