Prince Leka

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He was born on 26 March 1982, at 13:43, Johannesburg, South Africa, “Sandton Clinic”. The clinic was proclaimed for 24 hours “Albanian territory”, by the South African government.


His Royal Highness Crown Prince Leka, Anwar, Zog, Reza, Baudoin, Msiziwe of the Albanians, Leka II Zogu

Prince Leka is the only heir to the Albanian throne.



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Accordance of the title “Hereditary Prince”

According to the Royal Albanian Statute of 1928 the Heir to the royal crown is the oldest son of the King. Prince Leka was proclaimed successor to the throne by His Majesty Leka I after Prince Leka reached the age of 18. Where upon he gave his oath to serve the Albanian Nation.

Titles and Duties:

Prince Leka II as a youngster


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